Public Screening at the Curve

Thank you to everyone that turned up to the Curve in Slough for the screening of the film and Q&A with the filmmakers.
Councillor Parmar [centre] with the film makers and Slough Wrestling Club coach, Ranjit Singh Sandhu [right]

A very interesting discussion ensued about why Panjabis are particularly interested in wrestling and people wondered whether it will continue as we move into the third generation. The film outlined how fathers born in India would encourage their children to take part and many of those children have done the same with their children. Some in the audience felt it might stop with this generation.

One father said it was a blessing that his children took up wrestling - he himself was never interested in it but his children, now in their teens, have gained so much from the sport.

We also had the perennial discussion as to which is the better sport: Olympic wrestling or Panjabi wrestling? Some people said the speed and agility of Olympic wrestlers, alongside the points scoring system and time limited bouts, makes it more entertaining. Others felt the strength and concentration on the upper body - which is much more important in a soft dirt ring - made for a purer show of strength. This discussion will go on!


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